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Digital Resolutions

We tend to set goals around this time of year; save money, visit Nanna more, lose weight, drive slower, etc. Though we may not be able to slap that pizza out of your hand or hit the gym with you (Come on, one more push up!), we are able to help you reach your digital goals.


“I resolve to have a faster website.”

Having a slow website can be the kiss of death. A website that doesn’t load at all? Forget about it, game over.

First things first though, check your local internet connection. If that doesn’t seem to be the issue then it could be your hosting company. Which hosting level does your website run on? Maybe you need to upgrade. Review our blog post that details hosting options to determine which service is best for your site.

“I resolve to stay in better touch with my clients.”

If you are looking to connect with your client base on a more intimate level we suggest wowing them with your vast knowledge. Adding a blog to your website or incorporating social media, will give your brand an actual voice. Write about what you know best. If you run ‘Larry’s Laundromat’ then a post about how to easily remove red wine stains from a table cloth would be a perfectly timed piece for the holiday season.

Looking for more reasons on why you should be blogging? Read our theory here.

Incorporating social media into your business keeps you connected to your followers in an instant. Post daily specials, contests, or seasonal messages. Make sure you don’t make any of these awkward mistakes though.

“I resolve to change my image.”

If your brand is a little dusty, stuck in the dark ages, or worse, the 80’s, then we suggest tackling a re-branding. New colors, a logo, a tag line, or just some updated fonts can do wonders for your company’s image, literally. We’ve got experience in this realm, check out what we did for Prescott Park.

“I resolve to update my website more.”

If you are constantly calling your ‘web guy/girl’ to update the online menu, calendar, or seasonal hours on your site you may be thinking, “Can’t I just do this?” and you are right! Adding a Content Management System (CMS) will allow you to publish, modify, edit, organize, and maintain your website’s content from a singular application. Streamlining your company’s content can be done easily and on your own terms.

Looking for help to get started on your Digital Resolutions for 2016? Drop us a line, we are here to help.



The Digital Lover’s Wish List


If you’ve got a ‘Digital Addict’ in your life then you are fully aware that shopping for them is a bit harder than most. Getting a surprising gift for someone who knows all the latest gadgets to hit the market is near impossible, but we can help! Hopefully a few of these digitally themed treasures will amaze your techy loved one and keep them smiling this holiday season.

 The Social Media Lover

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 12.48.18 PM

Social media is amazing because we can instantly share photos and memories with one another but our photos usually remain forever in the digital form.

Get that Instagram addict in your life a gift certificate to ‘Social Print Studio‘ and they’ll be able to actually print those virtual memories.

The Cool Coder

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 12.53.04 PM

Help your favorite web developer get outside and still stay connected, even if they live in a big city with small square footage.

 The Creative Queen

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 12.40.59 PM

Adult coloring books are all the rage right now. The act of coloring provides you with feelings of calm and relaxation, while still keeping your creative brain juiced up.

Is your holiday shopping all wrapped up? Or are you scrambling to find a parking spot at the mall right now?

Four Ways To Digitally Give Back

The giving season is happily upon us. Treasures and trinkets for our loved ones, gratitude to your customers and clients and, more importantly, giving to those in need. Thanks to the digital world it’s easier than ever to give back.

First, brainstorm as a family. Come together around the dinner table to discuss what ‘giving’ really means to you. What are important causes to you and your family? Feeding the hungry, preventing illnesses, supporting the troops, or providing a place to live. How do you want to show people that you care? Where should you focus your efforts?


Volunteer Your Time

What nonprofits need the most, even more than donations, is time. Volunteers keep the nonprofit sector moving forward. Once you’ve selected a cause important to you, figure out how much time you can actually devote toward volunteering for it. Volunteer Match is an organization that matches you and your family with causes close to your heart. Search the over 100,000+ non profits by cause or location and start uncovering opportunities for you to help.

Donate Your Old Phone

Did your recently upgrade your iPhone? Plan on getting a new one for the holidays? Cell Phones For Soldiers takes your donated mobile devices and turns them into free minutes for active troops and veterans. They’ve provided more than 216 million minutes of talk time to our troops serving around the world.

Buying to Give

Great deals on gifts + online shopping = donations at no extra cost. How does it work? The ‘Goodshop’ of Good Search, passes along deals to the consumer all while making a donation to the nonprofit or school of your choice for almost every purchase you make. Goodshop is affiliated with 114,000 nonprofits and schools, big and small.

Share Your Dinner

Using your cell phone at the dinner table is a modern day etiquette faux pas. The newest non profit trend, Share The Meal is aiming at curtailing this social no-no into a social norm.

An initiative of the United Nations World Food Program (WFP), the Share The Meal mobile app allows you to easily contribute a small amount of money (.50 cents) that in turn will provide food for one child all day. Quick, easy, and mobile friendly. The app also allows you to see where your donated meals are ending up.

Whether it’s five hours, five minutes or even five seconds, your time makes a difference in others’ lives. Spend time this holiday season with your family, giving back to those who need it the most.


A (Website) Hostess With The Mostess


You’ve got a new website, congrats! Now its gotta live (aka be ‘hosted’) somewhere, but how do you decide which hosting service your company needs?

A Genius Brainstorm Session

Will your company’s site store personal account info?

How much storage will you need?

Are you posting video and high res images?

What message are you trying to send?

What is your call to action? E-commerce? Sign ups? Events?

Why these questions? Answering these will help you determine what level of hosting your website will need. Each web hosting level is unique in what they offer in protection, storage, and price.


The Pros and Cons

Free Hosting: Like they say, ‘nothing’s free’, right? Even if the hosting services are at no cost to you directly the host must make money another way. They’ll fill your site with advertisements and prompt you to upgrade your services.

Pro: It’s free! Great for bloggers who only post occasionally or simple, one page ‘brochure’ sites.

Con: You will be giving off an illegitimate vibe to your customers. Your site will only be able to handle a few visitors at a time. #AmateurHour

Best for small time bloggers who don’t post often, not good for e-commerce.

Shared Hosting ($): This is the version you are probably most familiar with. It’s cost effective and can handle many users at once. Your site shares a server with others.

Pro: Affordable and great for small businesses with a small e-commerce component. Since it’s the most affordable there are a wide variety of vendors you can choose from.

Con: You share the server which means that sharing could very well affect your own site’s speed. If another site on that server has a meltdown or is hacked, your site could be damaged or compromised. Shared hosting isn’t meant for high traffic sites. Shared is less secure, less performant and you can not customize you own server.

Best for small businesses with a limited online shop.

Dedicated Hosting ($$)There are three categories within ‘dedicated hosting’.

1. Fully Dedicated - All of the hardware for your server is for you ONLY. You don’t share anything.

2. VPS (Virtual Private Server- A slice of the hardware is dedicated to you and to you only but it is just a slice, not the whole shebang. You share no files with anyone else, your slice is just for you.

3. Cloud Dedicated- You’ve still got your own slice of hardware (like VPS) but it is distributed across the cloud. This virtual slice’s resources are distributed around the cloud.

What do they all have in common? It’s space that is dedicated to you and you have the freedom to do what you want, but it’s unmanaged space. On an unmanaged server you are doing all the server maintenance yourself like, updates to security or plugins.

What if I want someone to do it for me? Then you want a managed server ($$$$). You get all the advantages of cloud, VPS, or dedicated but now you have the luxury of someone doing it for you. This person handles your infrastructure, provides 24/7 support; basically you break it, they fix it.

Startup Stock Photos

Yeah but what is a ‘GOOD’ hosting company?

There really isn’t an overall ‘good’ or ‘bad’ hosting option as it really depends on what your company needs. However a ‘good’ hosting company should always provide the following:

1. Protect your servers from intruders, physically (the servers are in a safe building or location) and digitally (guard you from hackers).

2. Guarantee that 99% of the time their servers will be fully functional.

3. Won’t sell your info to 3rd parties or add advertisements to your site.

4. Provide free support and consultation about your site’s needs.

Still don’t know which server is best for you? We’ve got the experts for that!

Dining In Dover: ‘Genius Lunch Favorites’

All work and no play (or in our case tacos) makes The Genius Switch Studio crew a dull group, which is why we hold our lunch break in the highest regard. A few moments to break away from the digital world to breathe, get outdoors, and enjoy some delicious nourishment right here in downtown Dover, NH.

We’ve highlighted our personal favorites below!


Christian Seeber – Founder, President, CEO + User Experience Architect

Favorites: Street Tacos or Mole from Cinco De Mayo.

Michael AzevedoVP and Senior Producer

Favorites: Crunchy peanut butter from the office mini fridge.

Jacqueline TrimmerChief Creative Officer

Favorites: Falafel from Quick To Go.

Patrick RowanSenior Developer

Favorites: Kheema MAtar from Taste of India

Ken Dunnington – Technology Director + Software Engineer

Favorites: The Burrito Mojado at Cinco De Mayo.

Randy Gaetano – Art Director + Visual Design Specialist

Favorites: Crazy Noodles at Khaophums.

Rose Delvin – Art Director

Favorites: Falafel from Quick To Go.

Katie ShineMarketing + Sales Manager

Favorites: BLT on sourdough w/ sweet potato fries from Harvey’s Bakery and Coffee Shop.

Michael Lockhardt Jr. – Developer

Favorites: Saigon & Tokyo or China Yan.

Jason Pelletier - Senior Application Developer

Favorites: Street tacos from Cinco De Mayo.

Patrick ‘Junior’ Prendergast – Technical Assistant + Documentation Manager

Favorites: La Dama from Cinco De Mayo.

Kelsey SmithGeneral Operations + Management Assistant

Favorites: Grille Chicken Pesto Sandwich from Christopher’s Third Street Grille.


Now it’s your turn. What are your favorite lunch spots where you work?

Should I Be Blogging?

Everyone blogs. Grocery stores, tech companies, banks, non profits, even grandparents. Companies (with a blog) have a dedicated space to talk about what their latest and greatest initiatives are and (bonus) their customers listen.

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 11.09.41 AM

But you may be thinking, “Just because everyone’s doing it, does that mean I should do it too?” In this case, YES.

Extra! Extra!: Blogs are your company’s soap box; An uninterrupted platform for you to publicly proclaim any updates, news, or knowledge about your company.

Traffic (the good kind): If you want people to buy something or sign up for your services you need to drive them to your site first. Blogs are traffic magnets. Google rates them higher than other pages, getting your content seen faster. Remember that little guy SEO? Yah it loves blogs.

Community: Your blog will come with a comment section and when consumers use it, it’s their time to ask questions and give feedback. You’ll be there to provide answers and engage with clients on an ongoing and intimate level. This relationship will make your brand more personable.

Be The Expert: If you run a residential construction company people already know what your expertise is, but with a blog you can also be the expert on small DIY projects as well. What is the best way to hang a picture? How often should I clean my gutters?

Short snippets of useful and relevant information will keep visitors coming back for more. Keeping your company’s name on the tip of their tongue, which is where you want it when they need your solution to their problem.

Build Your List: Garnering a strong list of users is the ideal way to grow your online business but no one wants to sign up for lame corporate emails. If you’ve got an active blog they can subscribe to they’ll see value in that knowledge and sign up. I specify ‘active’ because the more you post, the more likely you’ll get an increased subscriber list.

Don’t have a company blog? We can help. We’ll design a beautiful and engaging experience that’ll make your clients want to keep in touch.




Fall Out Of These Bad Habits

The leaves are changing, the weather is shifting, and a new school year is in full swing. Now is the perfect time to recharge, regroup and refocus personally and professionally. Specifically, it’s the perfect time to ‘fall out’ of those bad marketing habits.


Not Having A Plan: Email, social, advertising, and web all come into play when you’re executing marketing initiatives but they’ll only work together if you’ve got a plan. If you want to increase your social media following/engagement don’t think small, “We need to post more.” Determine how often you should post, what will the content be, will there be a theme, and what is the call to action. Having a detailed plan makes you work smarter, not harder.

Doing Everything: How does she/he do it all? As a business owner you probably hear this all too often. If you are posting, emailing, and updating all day long you’re bound to get burnt out. Instead of creating all your content from scratch (which is still good to do) try posting curated content as well (sharing links, videos, & images created by others) or enlisting in guest bloggers or, better yet, ask other employees to take on some of the work. Doing everything can quickly mean quantity over quality.

Ignoring Mobile: Look around, everyone is on their phone. And, if everyone is on their phone, that means most people are seeing your marketing on their phone first. They are also navigating your website on their tablet or ipad. Mobile is the way to go, make sure your site is optimized as such.

Purchasing Email lists: SPAMMER ALERT! If you are buying email lists, we hate to break this to you but you are a spammer (gasp!). More importantly, the more you spam, the more likely your domain could get blacklisted. Instead of buying a list of random emails curate your own database by providing consumers with a ‘call to action’ on your site or social media. Those who ‘opt in’ to your content more likely to read and engage with it.

If you think you’ve fallen into bad marketing habits, digitally or otherwise, give us a ring. We’ve got the experts to help you get out of your marketing rut!

Boo! This is how you are scaring off customers

It’s a scary time of year my friends and no I’m not just talking about goblins and kit-kats, I’m talking about your website. Your company’s site could be scaring off customers and you don’t even know it!

Three Ways Your Site Is A Horror Show

Pop Ups


You’ve got a visitor to your site, whoop! They are reading your content, menu, or article, even better! Now to capture their information, email, phone number, name, whatever, YOU NEED IT! In comes the pop up. Annoying yes, but you need to get their information right? There is a right and wrong time that this pop up should appear. At the beginning of the content before they even get started reading is the wrong time. You’ve already annoyed them, who knows if they’ll keep reading. Let them take in your website before you start hounding them. Your pop ups should also include an option to close out. Many sites don’t offer this in the hopes that the user will just input their information in order to make the window disappear, wrong! They’ll just close out that window entirely and never return.

Poor Navigation

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 1.24.37 PM

Navigation is how users get around your site. Clearly labeled sections like ‘About’ or ‘Contact’ are sections that live on every site out there. These words are consistent because they tell the user exactly the information they need. Avoid changing them to kitschy titles like, ‘Give Us a Ring’ or ‘Get to Know Us’, it can confuse and turn off visitors.

Your menu section should also be located towards the top of your page. It is the front door of your website and visitors are used to seeing that front and center all the time.

That sweet, yet super annoying, spot

When including a clickable link there should be enough space around that link that is also clickable. If it’s an image of a tape deck and the ‘play button’ is clickable make sure the whole image is clickable as well. If a user is searching for what teeny, tiny section to click, you’ve lost them already.


Do you fear your website is (gasp!) scaring off consumers? We are here to help. Let us give your site a free audit and we’ll help you clear out the cobwebs.

Are you Genius Switch Studio’s newest Senior Developer?


We are looking to hire a talented and skilled Senior Developer!


• Strong CSS skills (emphasizing responsive design)
• 5+ years Java experience
• Experience working with Java-based web application frameworks (Wicket, Spring, JSF)
• 5+ years JavaScript experience
• Experience building custom JS components (jQuery, Underscore, Bootstrap)
• On-site position


Because we acknowledge that our company’s success depends in large part upon our employees’ satisfaction, we create a productive and enjoyable work atmosphere in which our employees are able to advance their careers and enhance their skills.

We recognize that talented people are attracted to companies that provide competitive pay, comprehensive benefits packages, and advancement opportunities, and as such we offer a comprehensive benefits plan including:
• Medical coverage
• Dental coverage
• 3 weeks Vacation & Paid Time Off
• Paid Holidays
• Flex time

Does this sound like you? Send along your resume to info@geniusswitchstudio.com.

15 Things We Learned at #Inbound15

Founder of Genius Switch Studio, Christian Seeber, and I, Katie Shine, attended the HubSpot social media and marketing conference, #Inbound15 in Boston a few weeks ago. Four days filled with informational sessions, insightful keynotes, and a few witty celebs (Aziz Ansari and Amy Schumer) provided us with a wealth of knowledge. We’d like to pass a bit of that off to you.

15 Things We Learned at #Inbound15

1. Planning an event or conference for your own company? Important things to think about: provide free and reliable wifi, power outlets and charging stations, branded and relevant swag, create post event surveys to gain insight and feedback. HubSpot was on their A-game when giving out the event perks this year!

2. Don’t send your company emails on Tuesday anymore. Monday is an important day to send. Saturday is also good. Just because it’s the weekend doesn’t mean people stop working. What? You don’t check your email on the weekend?

3. Spell Check. Nothing is worse that having an incorrectly spelled blog post or subject line of an email. You’ll look like a fool in no time.

4. Content and conversation is a celebration of your brand and weak content won’t cut it.

5. Pay real writers to create something that moves the masses.

6. Don’t pay to boost every single post. Be strategic with your social media marketing budget. Fifty dollars can go a long way.

7. When creating video content for Youtube use tags to link to similar content, engage your followers in the comments section, and make sure to have a custom thumbnail. Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine. Harness its power.

8. Takeaway from the Seth Godin opening day keynote: ‘I’m not sure what the question is but the answer is YES.’ Start saying yes. Yes, to helping someone. Yes, to the adventure that is your life. Yes, to taking responsibility. Yes, to giving others credit. Yes, to trying something new.

9. Be honest about what failure truly feels like and talk openly about it with others, it’s the only way you can learn from your mistakes.

10. Get BOLD with your content to stand out against a sea of timid brands. Determine the tone of your voice. Ask yourself, 1. Who you are. 2. Why you do what you do. 3. What you’re like to deal with. These questions will help you attract like minded people.

11. Reward your biggest fans. ‘Skimm‘, the daily email newsletter that allows you to literally ‘skim’ over the top news headlines each morning, rewards followers who share their sign up page with free swag like mugs, shoutouts in their emails, mousepads, bags, and even trips! The more you share, the more your get.

12. Visuals matter! They stand out among the sea of social stream. 93% of our communication is visual.

13. Native marketing shows up quickly in searches. Build relationships with media outlets and feed them (they’re hungry) relevant news and soundbites about your company.

14. For your editorial plan know that audience retention is the most critical metric. Stay consistent with format & expectations.

15. Call your mom, she’s your biggest fan!

What is ‘responsive design’ and why you need it?

Responsive web design is a method of design that provides an optimal viewing experience across a myriad of devices. Easy to read and navigate, these responsive sites make it easier to view your favorite content from desktops to mobile phones.

Okay so the websites are easier to look it, big deal right? Wrong! It’s much more than that. In a world ruled by Google we know that appearing on page one of their search engine is a power like no other.

If your website isn’t optimized for mobile – aka responsive – Google will lower your site’s SEO ranking. Pushing you lower and lower below the fold, decreasing your chances to be seen by new and current customers.

Don’t get demoted in Google’s search rankings. Click Here to see how mobile friendly your website is.

Not that friendly? Not a problem. Contact us and we’ll help you soar above the fold.

Socially Profitable Non Profits

Flash back to last summer when everyone (yes even your grandmother) was participating in the ALS ice bucket challenge. While the social media windstorm was in full effect many scoffed at it’s actual benefits. How could dumping a bucket of cold water on your head correlate to a cure for ALS? Well in the words of Taylor Swift, ‘Haters gonna hate.’

Scientists at Johns Hopkins Medicine have reported a breakthrough in their research. This new revelation could lead to therapy, not just for A.L.S. but for other diseases, too. Most importantly (ahem, listen up ‘haters’) is that the money raised in the ice bucket challenge was crucial to funding this breakthrough.

If you are the leader of a non profit you know that a rapid surge in funds is quite rare. Knocking on doors, writing letters and grants, fundraisers, community events; all of these initiatives slowly, but surely keep the money trickling in.

The Ice Bucket Challenge quickly widened its reach due to social media and a strong web presence. These four steps will assist in increasing your non profit’s reach and hopefully in turn, raise more funds.

Visuals: You can’t deny it was hilarious seeing all your family and friends get dumped on all over Facebook. Those visuals work. Facebook values posts with video and images and will feature those in your news feed first. Example: If you operate an animal rescue, shoot videos of the pets up for adoption. Tell the public their name, add a fun story to their profile, and show the pet in action.

Get Personal: Soup kitchens and shelters help people by providing food and a safe place to sleep. Show the public how their donations and time are making a difference. Post a testimonial, with a photo, of a family who received help and how it impacted their life. When you humanize your cause people feel more connected and will be inclined to give more often.

Clear Design: Visit the ALS website and you will learn in an instant what the challenge is all about, how to get involved, what ALS is, and where to donate. A clear, concise, and responsive website will make it easier for people to learn about your mission and ultimately donate.

Google Alerts: Keep tabs on what people are saying about your organization and cause by setting up google alerts. These alerts allow you to stay up-to-date on news and issues related to your work. Post the relevant current events on your social media. This is easy curated content thats delivered directly to your inbox.

Looking for more non profit marketing tips/tricks? Drop us a line. Let’s see how we can help.

A Dedication To The Cause #FreeTomBrady

Have you heard the news? Tom Brady is free! Free from what you ask? No, he wasn’t held hostage in an underground lair by an evil overlord, *cough* Roger Goodell.

In case you you’ve been living underground yourself… A few questionable footballs, a smashed phone, big money and even bigger egos drew out this long saga that has been lovingly coined as #deflatgate.

Even if you’ve never watched a single football game in your life it would be near impossible to have avoided this 228 day media circus, and you can thank social media for that.

The Hashtags

That turned into t-shirts…

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 2.03.11 PM

image via amazon.com

and bumper stickers…

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 2.07.59 PM

image via sullysbrand.com

and finally into an all out nationwide civil war.

Everyone had a touch of ‘football fever’, which few off the handle in mere seconds. Over the past few months a fan’s tweet rapidly evolved to actual cash in hand, (read: merchandising).

Is your company’s web presence being monetized like this? If not reach out to us and we can help!

and for the record… we are team #freetombrady at Genius.


Socially Awkward

// Social Media Missteps you are Making Right Now //

// And How to Avoid Them //

Living under a rock.

Awkward example: Shortly after the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings the foodie site, ‘Epicurious’, tweeted “In honor of Boston and New England, may we suggest: whole-grain cranberry scones!”

How to avoid it: Pay attention to current events and be extra sensitive to your followers. You never know who is following or who is watching your feed.

Getting angry.

Awkward example: The social dating app, Tinder, exploded recently when they fired back at a Vanity Fair writer who wrote a scathing article about their services.

How to avoid it: Restraint. No one is perfect and from time to time someone is not going to like your work or you. The key is to rise above it and remember what your mother told you, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

Liking yourself too much.

Awkward Example: Your Facebook page has more than one administrator. You post a flyer for an upcoming event. The other administrator logs onto your page and ‘likes the post’ from their phone. Obviously, we already know that ‘Sean’s Shoes’ like the upcoming fall sale event because they are the ones who posted it… duh. No need to like your own posts.

How to avoid it: Prepare and distribute social media guidelines to all employees that have access to the accounts. Guidelines should include a content calendar, privacy settings, publishing templates, etc. One of these guidelines should be never, ever like your own posts.

Message Echo.

Awkward Example: When Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are all linked to one another your content is repeated across all platforms. Sounds efficient right? Yes, but this over saturation clogs up your follower’s news feeds with the same story over and over again.

How to avoid it: Un-link all your accounts and start to understand that each platform is meant to tell a different part of the story. Example: Your restaurant is featuring a week long special of fresh oysters. Here is how you’d tell this shell’ of a story.

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 2.32.39 PM


Twitter: Oysters are the ocean’s way of telling us she loves us. She must love us extra this week. We are featuring buck-a-shuck M-F. #thisweekonly

Facebook: There are 6 steps when shucking an oyster. You can learn more by following this link. Warning: our favorite step is missing from this list. #6 Eating them!

Instagram: Post a photo of the featured oysters with the caption, “Name the region of this oyster, east coast or west coast”. This image heavy social site has some of the highest engagement around. Get in on the fun with a little trivia, just make sure you provide a correct answer after a few guesses have been made.

Looking for some help with your company’s social media strategy? Drop us a line, let’s chat!

Should I Upgrade?

// Three reasons your site needs to be updated //

Competition: Long gone are the days of life-long brand loyalty. With so many options to choose from for pizza, hats, doctors, landscapers, concert venues; it’s no wonder that everyone shops around. With the assistance of review sites like Yelp and Angie’s List, everyone’s reputation it up for grabs. Don’t let your out of date website be a deterrent when consumers visit. Deciding between a working online store and broken one, makes it a pretty easy decision.

Consumer Behavior: Years ago, if you can remember, we used desktop computers and dial up internet to view websites, exclusively. The way we browse the web today has changed immensely. Read: mobile platforms are king. Behaviors like browsing on tablets and mobile, evolve all the time. Users anticipate where search bars are on a site, how photos are viewed and know how to bypass ads to read the real content. This behavior should be taken into account when you are designing or re-designing your site.

Content: Has your mission evolved? Are you selling more apples than oranges? Be sure to always be revising and tweaking your content based upon your sales and consumer engagement. If your site’s content is out of date or hard to update in the first place, you’ll want to redesign to address this. Many businesses update their own content quickly and easily. You’ll stay on message and brand with constantly updated content.

Contact us for a free site audit and we’ll asses your website for free!

The Genius Holiday ‘Give’ Guide (Pt. 2)

Genius Holiday Give GuideLast year we published a helpful guide called, The Genius Holiday ‘Give’ Guide, which focused on ways to make the upcoming holiday season brighter for others through simple acts of technology-based charity. So, in contrast to this week’s kick-start with Cyber Monday, we’ve come up with a few ‘good’ tips for your holiday season this year.

1. If you’re human, it was probably hard to avoid all the amazing tech deals online yesterday. And if you made any mobile device or electronic upgrades, make sure you consider a certified e-cycling program or donate it to give your old device a new life!

2. Check-in for Good. No, really, download the mobile app called, Check-in for Good. Every time you check-in at a participating location, a micro-donation is generated for a cause of your selection. It’s a great way to put your phone’s geo-location technology to ‘good’ use. Continue reading

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: Social Media Fundraiser Makes a Big Splash

What started as a backyard dare and donation by Chris Kennedy has turned into the largest (unplanned) and most successful philanthropic social media fundraising campaign to date. Thanks to the wave of virality generated on social media, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has raised over $100 million in donations for the ALS Association (ALSA) in a single month (July 29th – August 31st). Compare this number to the $2.6 million in donations raised during the same time period last year, and your jaw might just drop.

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Prescott Park Arts Festival Celebrates Digital Makeover

In celebration of Prescott Park Arts Festival’s 38th anniversary, Genius Switch Studio is proud to announce the launch of a new mobile-optimized website for Prescott Park. The new responsive web design will give users a more fluid web experience from any preferred digital device. Events are intuitively organized and guests are able to quickly make table and/or blanket reservations for any one of the numerous events held throughout the summer season. Reserve a cozy spot to catch an evening flick in the park during the Monday Night Movie Series,  entertain your taste buds at this season’s 6th Annual Fish & Farm Festival, or chow down at the 25th Annual WHEB Chili Cook-Off!

Full Homepage Desktop View
Homepage Desktop View Close-up
Prescott Park Homepage Desktop Close-up
Prescott Park Homepage Desktop View
Prescott Park Homepage Desktop Bottom View
Homepage Mobile View of Prescott Park
Homepage Mobile Drop-down Menu View
Homepage Mobile View of How It Works
Homepage View of Mobile Sponsors Section
Full Homepage Tablet View of Prescott Park
Homepage Tablet View Close-up of Prescott Park
Homepage Tablet View of Event Categories
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How Hashtags Can Benefit Your Brand

The popular symbol isn’t limited to Twitter anymore. In fact, it can’t even be contained within social media either. In the past year, the hashtag has been fervently injected into countless television commercials, pasted on business cards, billboards, magazines, websites, music videos, and it even worked its way into the Oxford English Dictionary last month. As a universal tool for discovery, the hashtag offers users a quick way to search, connect, and contribute to conversations in real time regarding specific subjects within a social network.

Screen shot 2014-06-02 at 3.56.01 PM

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Just Launched! 6 Tips to Better Market Your New Website

You’ve just launched an amazing new website and you want the world to know it, but what are the best ways to attract attention if you’re name isn’t Miley Cyrus? Over the last few weeks, the team here at Genius has been plugging away at some really incredible work, and we just recently released EverProven CrossFit, New England NeurologicalPine Village Preschool and York Land Trust. As a branding and interactive strategy agency, we also work to manage the many post-launch needs of our clients. Here are 6 tips to help you better market your website post-launch.

EverProven Crossfit Website Homepage

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