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Dining In Dover: ‘Genius Lunch Favorites’

All work and no play (or in our case tacos) makes The Genius Switch Studio crew a dull group, which is why we hold our lunch break in the highest regard. A few moments to break away from the digital world to breathe, get outdoors, and enjoy some delicious nourishment right here in downtown Dover, NH.

We’ve highlighted our personal favorites below!


Christian Seeber – Founder, President, CEO + User Experience Architect

Favorites: Street Tacos or Mole from Cinco De Mayo.

Michael AzevedoVP and Senior Producer

Favorites: Crunchy peanut butter from the office mini fridge.

Jacqueline TrimmerChief Creative Officer

Favorites: Falafel from Quick To Go.

Patrick RowanSenior Developer

Favorites: Kheema MAtar from Taste of India

Ken Dunnington – Technology Director + Software Engineer

Favorites: The Burrito Mojado at Cinco De Mayo.

Randy Gaetano – Art Director + Visual Design Specialist

Favorites: Crazy Noodles at Khaophums.

Rose Delvin – Art Director

Favorites: Falafel from Quick To Go.

Katie ShineMarketing + Sales Manager

Favorites: BLT on sourdough w/ sweet potato fries from Harvey’s Bakery and Coffee Shop.

Michael Lockhardt Jr. – Developer

Favorites: Saigon & Tokyo or China Yan.

Jason Pelletier - Senior Application Developer

Favorites: Street tacos from Cinco De Mayo.

Patrick ‘Junior’ Prendergast – Technical Assistant + Documentation Manager

Favorites: La Dama from Cinco De Mayo.

Kelsey SmithGeneral Operations + Management Assistant

Favorites: Grille Chicken Pesto Sandwich from Christopher’s Third Street Grille.


Now it’s your turn. What are your favorite lunch spots where you work?