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Our .GIF to You

Graphics Interchange Format, or GIF is probably one of the biggest surviving and thriving trends from the 80’s. This small but trending compressed file format supports simple animations made from image or video sequences. The format shines brightest when used with solid areas of pigment as it does run into color limitations when image formats sport continuous color variations.

Genius Holiday GIF Animation

Regardless of its imperfections, 2012 has easily become the ‘year of the GIF.’ The GIF’s nature for looping animation has exploded over the Internet as a ‘go-to’ medium for sharing everything from blog humor to political event highlights. Due to this GIF sensation, the Oxford Dictionaries USA selected, ‘to GIF,’ as their 2012 Word of the Year. Furthermore, the acronym has also transitioned into a verb within our English language. Just as we are familiar with telling someone ‘to google’ or ‘to photoshop’ something, ‘to GIF’ is now the newest example of a linguistic process called conversion, or zero-formulation.

What we like best about the Oxford Dictionaries USA 2012 Word of the Year, ‘to GIF,’ though is the holiday word play pun on ‘to gift.’ So, please accept our .GIF to you this season, and happy holidays from all of us at Genius.