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So, Everybody Leads?

A few weeks back, the New Hampshire Center for Nonprofits hosted their annual Leadership Summit. The summit’s focus this year examined the subject of leadership. The keynote speaker was Paul Schmitz, author of the book, Everybody Leads. Schmitz entertained the audience with stories illustrating leadership’s multidimensional layers; all of us. Real change is what comes from strong united movements with ambitious goals, driven by the talents and passions of many.

New Hampshire Center for NonProfits Leadership Summit picture

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Happy 237th Birthday America!

In celebration of our independence we are highlighting some of our favorite web technology developments that have given us all a little more “web independence.” As a branding and interactive strategy agency primarily focused on web, we wouldn’t be the same without them. From everyone at Genius, we hope you have a happy and safe 4th of July holiday!



Strengthening the Mass Literacy Network

Champions of education, Mass Literacy connects schools, families, communities, and the workforce together in order to help Massachusetts achieve a fully literate population. Since 2002, this nonprofit initiative, conceived by Herald Media Company, has concentrated on outreach, leadership opportunities, and community partnerships with various public and private institutions and organizations.

Mass Literacy Information Architecture Sitemap

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Click to Help

A quote to support internet slacktivism argument

Slacktivism, the short hand hybrid of ‘slacker’ and ‘activism,’ is a term used to describe the minimal ‘feel good’ online efforts performed in support of a social cause. Typical slacktivist activities include participating in online petitions and click-to-donate websites. The big question, however, is whether or not these simple activities inhibit individuals from engaging more deeply with a cause. Would an individual be more likely to become involved if the ‘click’ didn’t exist?

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How to Tell Your Nonprofit You Care

Love is in the air today! Amidst the abundance of plush teddy bears, floral bouquets, and sweet treats, Valentine’s Day is a special time of year that impassions so many to share their feelings for that special someone. At Genius, we think today is the perfect day to publicly share your love… for a cause you care about. So, here are a few simple ways to tell your favorite nonprofit how you truly feel, today.

How to tell your nonprofit you care on valentines day

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Our .GIF to You

Graphics Interchange Format, or GIF is probably one of the biggest surviving and thriving trends from the 80’s. This small but trending compressed file format supports simple animations made from image or video sequences. The format shines brightest when used with solid areas of pigment as it does run into color limitations when image formats sport continuous color variations.

Genius Holiday GIF Animation

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