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Should I Be Blogging?

Everyone blogs. Grocery stores, tech companies, banks, non profits, even grandparents. Companies (with a blog) have a dedicated space to talk about what their latest and greatest initiatives are and (bonus) their customers listen.

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But you may be thinking, “Just because everyone’s doing it, does that mean I should do it too?” In this case, YES.

Extra! Extra!: Blogs are your company’s soap box; An uninterrupted platform for you to publicly proclaim any updates, news, or knowledge about your company.

Traffic (the good kind): If you want people to buy something or sign up for your services you need to drive them to your site first. Blogs are traffic magnets. Google rates them higher than other pages, getting your content seen faster. Remember that little guy SEO? Yah it loves blogs.

Community: Your blog will come with a comment section and when consumers use it, it’s their time to ask questions and give feedback. You’ll be there to provide answers and engage with clients on an ongoing and intimate level. This relationship will make your brand more personable.

Be The Expert: If you run a residential construction company people already know what your expertise is, but with a blog you can also be the expert on small DIY projects as well. What is the best way to hang a picture? How often should I clean my gutters?

Short snippets of useful and relevant information will keep visitors coming back for more. Keeping your company’s name on the tip of their tongue, which is where you want it when they need your solution to their problem.

Build Your List: Garnering a strong list of users is the ideal way to grow your online business but no one wants to sign up for lame corporate emails. If you’ve got an active blog they can subscribe to they’ll see value in that knowledge and sign up. I specify ‘active’ because the more you post, the more likely you’ll get an increased subscriber list.

Don’t have a company blog? We can help. We’ll design a beautiful and engaging experience that’ll make your clients want to keep in touch.