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Socially Profitable Non Profits

Flash back to last summer when everyone (yes even your grandmother) was participating in the ALS ice bucket challenge. While the social media windstorm was in full effect many scoffed at it’s actual benefits. How could dumping a bucket of cold water on your head correlate to a cure for ALS? Well in the words of Taylor Swift, ‘Haters gonna hate.’

Scientists at Johns Hopkins Medicine have reported a breakthrough in their research. This new revelation could lead to therapy, not just for A.L.S. but for other diseases, too. Most importantly (ahem, listen up ‘haters’) is that the money raised in the ice bucket challenge was crucial to funding this breakthrough.

If you are the leader of a non profit you know that a rapid surge in funds is quite rare. Knocking on doors, writing letters and grants, fundraisers, community events; all of these initiatives slowly, but surely keep the money trickling in.

The Ice Bucket Challenge quickly widened its reach due to social media and a strong web presence. These four steps will assist in increasing your non profit’s reach and hopefully in turn, raise more funds.

Visuals: You can’t deny it was hilarious seeing all your family and friends get dumped on all over Facebook. Those visuals work. Facebook values posts with video and images and will feature those in your news feed first. Example: If you operate an animal rescue, shoot videos of the pets up for adoption. Tell the public their name, add a fun story to their profile, and show the pet in action.

Get Personal: Soup kitchens and shelters help people by providing food and a safe place to sleep. Show the public how their donations and time are making a difference. Post a testimonial, with a photo, of a family who received help and how it impacted their life. When you humanize your cause people feel more connected and will be inclined to give more often.

Clear Design: Visit the ALS website and you will learn in an instant what the challenge is all about, how to get involved, what ALS is, and where to donate. A clear, concise, and responsive website will make it easier for people to learn about your mission and ultimately donate.

Google Alerts: Keep tabs on what people are saying about your organization and cause by setting up google alerts. These alerts allow you to stay up-to-date on news and issues related to your work. Post the relevant current events on your social media. This is easy curated content thats delivered directly to your inbox.

Looking for more non profit marketing tips/tricks? Drop us a line. Let’s see how we can help.